Welcome to ANZMAC 2019 in Wellington, the capital city of New Zealand


The Australian and New Zealand Marketing Academy was founded in 1998 to provide a network for educators and practitioners interested in marketing theory and research. The annual conference enables interaction and sharing of the latest research in marketing.

It is a leading source of marketing information, knowledge and research development among marketing academics and practitioners from Australia, New Zealand and beyond.


“There is nothing permanent except change”. - Heraclitus (philosopher 544BC- 483BC)

ANZMAC 2019 recognises a world of technological, social and political turbulence, challenging marketers to produce robust and actionable research. Our environment and ecosystems present formidable demands to traditional marketing, and as academics, we are in a privileged position to respond to these demands. Consider for example, the intersection of marketing and the developing megatrends, the shifting focus from growth to sustainability, innovation without compromising our way of life and action against climate change.

The theme of this conference - Winds of Change - challenges marketers to address global issues, such as those above, and more. We encourage scholars to join in this conversation through research and discussion. We invite our community to reflect on our changing world, to push the boundaries and consider the future for Marketing in disruptive and uncertain times.